Become an Olivet Assembly Supporter

Olivet Assembly is a non-profit organization supported by our staff, by member organizations and by the contributions of the Christian community. With your ongoing support, we can continue to keep Olivet Assembly going strong, reaching out to the communities in all 50 states of the U.S. Your donations, your participation, and your prayers allow us to be more effective in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. By supporting Olivet Assembly, you will not only be showing your support for one organization, but you will be showing your support for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

1) Church Planting

In North America, there is an increased need to fill all 50 states and Canadian Provinces with churches. While successful churches continue to operate in many cities, there are also many open to being pioneered. OA N. America is calling for increased support in order to offer financial aid to these faithful and diligent missionaries responding to the call of church planting. The donations received will go towards church rent, living costs, and the furtherance of the missionaries’ educations.

2) Missionary Care

Missionaries are the frontlines of expanding the mission field across the world. As such, they should be blessed and provided for in their daily fight to bring the gospel to all the nations. OA N. America asks for donations to continue to support all of the missionaries currently in the field. Donations can be made out to specific individuals or the missionary field in general. Their efforts are made possible by the money that allows them to maintain a church, perform evangelism, and raise Christian leaders in their communities.

3) The Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah project was inspired by the prophet Nehemiah’s very desire to rebuild the walls of the city Jerusalem. Following this heart of God’s servant, OA desires to see each city on the continent revived through the rebuilding of ministry and churches that have been reduced and neglected. This funding allows the purchasing and development of Olivet Centers that promote mission growth and provide places of worship for large numbers of believers in every kind of community. Olivet Centers are meant to be the central foundation for a city’s ministry efforts to expand and teach the love of Christ to their communities.

Other ways to support

Check or Money Order

If you choose to make a donation by check or money order, please make your checks out to “Olivet Assembly, Inc.”, and mail it to the address below, with your name, address and contact telephone number written on the back of the check. If the donation is for a particular commission, please specify it on the front of the check.

Please mail checks to:

Olivet Assembly, Inc.
115 Dover Furnace Rd.
Dover Plains, NY 12522