OA Churches Held Online Services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Photo

All churches under Olivet Assembly of South Asia – India held graceful Good Friday and Easter Sunday services online using various platforms in observing the graceful Holy weekend historic events.

Churches are using various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Zoom and others to go online and give the best possible online service experience to the precious church members.

“It is really graceful that we could still observe Good Friday and celebrate Easter with online worship services in this trying time due to the lockdown which is inevitable due to the pandemic,” said the general secretary Reverend Peter.

“Most churches are not prepared and this is an opportunity to have a better presence online from next time onwards. Many churches neglected online audience but this is a learning experience,” the leader said.

The Holy Weekend is one of the most important events in the history of mankind and especially for Christians without the resurrection of Lord Jesus from the grave, as Apostle Paul right pointed out, “Our faith will be useless,” (1 Cor.15:14) because Christianity hangs on this one truth – the resurrection of Christ. Since Christ claimed that he would resurrect before he died, if he didn’t, it will make all his truth claims will become meaningless. So, the resurrection validated and authenticated all his truth claims.

“May the resurrected Lord be encountered by one and all, who can change one’s life and give them transcendent peace,” the leader concluded.