OA Churches Run Towards Pentecost with Message of Blessings


After celebrating the glorious resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday, the churches of Olivet Assembly in India are running towards Pentecost with messages of blessings and they believe that the same power that raised Christ from the dead will also strengthen and allow believers to walk in new spirit and power by His grace to bless others.

Although heat in summer can be punishing but churches are not leaving any stone unturn to be a better witnesses and bring blesssings to others with more outreach programmes and activities that will bless communities and people around them.

The statement from the general office started that all workers of the Kingdom should not do any work on their own strength but they must rely on the strength provided by the Lord and they must always pray to be led by the Holy Spirit.

“We can’t do God’s works with our own strength. We need the strength provided by him. We must rely on him and we must pray to be led by His Holy Spirit,” said the statement.

“We wish that all churches will experience great miracles throughout the summer which also allows them to greet Pentecost, the commemoration of the arrival of the Holy Spirit with many fruits,” it stated.