OA Churches Exhorted to Spread Christ’s Fragrance in Chaotic World

South Asia map

The general office of the Olivet Assembly of South Asia has encouraged and exhorted member churches to spread the sweet fragrance of Christ in a “chaotic world.”

The communique from the general office to the churches stated that there is huge misunderstanding of Christians and also about Christ in the region and it is the responsibility of believers to spread the sweet aroma and fragrance of Christ.

“Churches must become more active in spreading the sweet aroma of Christ so that people around them will come to know the true nature of Christ and his followers,” said the general secretary.

“Lord Jesus himself said, ‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven,;” quoting from Matthew chapter 5 verse 16.

“We ourselves do not have our own light. The light we need to shine on others is the light of Christ,” the statement added.

“In this chaotic world, Christ is the light and the need of the hour,” it said.

“May everyone spread the love and sweet aroma of Christ leading to Christmas,” it added.