G.O. South Asia Gives Tips and Resources for Christmas Outreaches

Christmas season

The general office of the Olivet Assembly of South Asia has given valuable tips and resources for outreaches as Christmas is approaching fast – saying that Christmas is the most visible and most convenient time of outreach.

The general office has given tips on how churches and ministries can bring blessings to communities around them.

Various tips on how to do well during Christmas season have been passed on to the churches and ministries which they can use effectively.

The general office also provides resources the concerned leaders may need in order to carry out those.

The office has requested all the churches and ministries to contact the office for outreach tips as well as resources for the same.

“We must prepare well. We only have just about a month until Christmas,” it stated – signalling to the churches and ministries to start making plans.

The general office hopes that churches and ministries can bless many people during the Christmas season as there will be more questions asked about Christ and his life-changing teachings during this festive season.

May the Lord bless the churches and ministries in the region.